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General Information

Each program has a maximum of 10 combat wounded U.S. veterans. Programs are designed to be in “wild“ settings with three levels of impact (Low, Medium and Extreme). Programs run a minimum of 5 days in length and a maximum of 20.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who’s eligible to participate in a Wild Ops trip?2018-12-12T02:27:58-06:00

Our trips are open to U.S. combat veterans of all eras who have sustained an injury in the performance of combat operations.

What’s the application and selection process?2019-05-22T20:20:48-05:00

The process begins with your thorough, honest, and timely submission of the Wild Ops application. Once an application and all required documents are received and found to be complete, a phone interview will be conducted to confirm the information on the application and allow the applicant to develop our understanding of them and their situation. The board then prayerfully considers each applicant on a variety of factors, including the merit of the application, not the order in which they were received.

What’s the deal with the refundable deposit?2018-12-12T02:43:40-06:00

In an effort to respect our donors and ensure an applicant’s commitment to participating in Wild Ops events, applicants chosen for the trip must send a “hold my spot” check in the amount of $150 to Wild Ops. A great deal of planning and coordination goes in to each trip, and we want to make sure our resources are used responsibly.

Can I donate my deposit?2018-12-12T02:33:02-06:00


How much will this trip cost?2018-12-12T02:33:47-06:00

Our trips are funded through the generosity of grateful Americans; all of your expenses will be covered including meals, necessary licenses/permits and equipment rental, and travel to and from the event.

Where will I be staying?2018-12-12T02:53:21-06:00

Each trip is unique and varies based upon venue. For more information about a specific trip, please contact us.

How large will our group be?2018-12-12T02:34:50-06:00

We accept between five and ten veterans for each trip.

What documentation is required?2018-12-12T02:35:18-06:00

We require a DD214 or current LES and a state or military ID.

Can I bring my service dog?2018-12-12T02:35:44-06:00

Service dogs are accepted on a case by case basis—some events/trips may not be able to accommodate service dogs.

Can a spouse or caregiver also attend?2018-12-12T02:36:12-06:00

Participation is currently limited to male combat veterans.

What will we be doing?2018-12-12T02:48:44-06:00

While each trip will be unique, our mission for each trip is the same—to facilitate the healing of scars that are unique amongst combat veterans. Prior to the event we will provide you with a copy of Wild at Heart by John Eldridge which we will use for group discussions. We will fish or hunt, smoke, talk, laugh, pray, eat, generally enjoy nature and each other’s company.