America’s military combat training is superior to any other nation but it comes at the expense of personal identity and liberties. When a person joins the military, the complexities of civilian life are replaced with a focus on combat skills and precision teamwork. The results are highly disci­plined units made of individuals who have utmost trust and respect for each other, and who rely upon each other for survival and combat success. You follow orders. Life becomes very simple and very intense. That is the warrior’s world. That world, however, ends abruptly when veterans leave the military either by choice or medical separation. They are thrust back into a chaotic civilian world that is far more complex than they remember. For many, it is a world they no longer understand or know how to engage. Many are dealing with visible and invisible wounds that leave them isolated, confused and discouraged. They are distrustful of federal programs, and to most vets, churches are unfamiliar environments which often lack understanding. Too many are unable to successfully make the transition.


Wild Ops initiates healing through new hope and trust established in transformative relationships. Wild Ops returns combat veterans to the familiar remoteness of a wilderness environment in small units of peers, where they leave the complexi­ties of modern life for an outdoor adventure. Wild Ops provides a balance of physical/mental challenge and respite. It is a safe environment where they can go deep with carefully selected veterans who have traveled this road before them. Designed to develop extraordinary levels of trust, the program promotes open dialog that can initiate the healing process … but time in the wilderness is just the beginning. The goal is for these combat veterans to become a unit for life—A band of brothers who will always be there for one another.


We’re not an adventure program where participants leave just as empty as they arrived. We exist to initiate life-change. All participants are combat veterans set in an environment that inspires deep trust and openness. It is not uncommon for a man to pause and say, “… I’ve never told anyone this before …” then reveal a painful experience that’s been grinding on his soul for too long. When a Wild Ops operation ends, it is actually just the beginning. For those willing to fight for personal healing, it is the beginning of a life-long fellowship at the deepest levels. It’s entrance into the na­tionwide network of Wild Ops alumni who have each other’s backs 24/7. Wild Ops is for life. We’re veteran led, from board members to operations planning and execution. We know how to break through denial and self-imposed isolation to reach struggling vets. We are vets serving vets, partner­ing with highly skilled and dedicated civilians. We leave no one behind.

Jeff Morris, President